General (5)

Why is my airline missing

iAIMS only works for airlines using AIMS(c) e-crew.

If your airline is using AIMS(c) e-crew, let me know and i will see what i can do for you

Why is EasyJet missing?

Easy Jet is using a different login method into the AIMS(c) eCrew system. iAIMS is not able to use this authentication mechanism at the moment. If you are from EasyJet and want to help me to implement this authentication method into iAIMS feel free to contact me.

If you already installed iAIMS and can’t use it, you can refund the app and get your money back. How to do that you can see here.

iAIMS is not working for me

If you receive an error message please contact me.
I will fix it as soon as possible.

As i don’t have access to all the different airline e-crew backend’s, it’s hard for me to test if everything for your airline is working properly.

Is this the same than droidAIMS

I’m not the developer of droidAIMS.

Some functions are similar to droidAIMS but iAIMS is in no connection to droidAIMS.

Are you an official of my airline or AIMS (c)


I’m a private person working as pilot for an european airline.
I developed iAIMS completely independent of any company.

Login (2)

How to login?

Simply click on crew id and enter your crew id, then click on password and enter your password. Now choose your airline and click login. Here is a small video tutorial: http://youtu.be/ztDvUqpTEPo

I can not download my schedule for Qatar

As password use your AIMS/IVR tel PIN no.
The IVR is the telephone password, can be found in the Aims Roster at View/Edit Personal Info > Other Personal Information > e-Crew Password.
It can be changed in this place if you do not have setup yet.

Notification (1)

I don’t get notifications

iAIMS is using a technique called “Background fetch” which is available since iOS7

If you don’t receive notification please have a look in iAIMS -> Settings -> Notification settings.
If Status is not “Enabled” go to your iOS home screen -> Settings -> General -> Background fetch and enable “Background fetch” as well as iAIMS.

Note: The rate of background fetches is up to the operating system to save your battery. As a rule of thumb you can say as more often you use the App iOS is launching the background fetch more often. iOS also uses some algorithms like when to you first use your device in the morning or when does the network connection changes.

For further details see: Apple support

If you still have problems with notifications please contact me