Omni Air International


I have just received a mail by the Omni Air International IT department. They blocked the access to eCrew by iAIMS with purpose. They don’t want their Crews to uses iAIMS. They told me to remove all links to Omni Air International.
I’m very sorry about this decision, but I will follow this request.
iAIMS can’t be used for Omni Air International any more. If you have bought the App within the last 14 days you can refund it via Apple. For more informations see here:
Sorry and thank you for your understanding


TestFlightI would like to invite you for Beta testing the next version of iAIMS.

If you like to test the new functions and help to improve iAIMS with your feedback, I would be happy to add you to our TestFlight Programm.

To join you have to register for the TestFlight Programm in the form below and install the Apple TestFlight application to your iOS device.

You would help me a lot by testing iAIMS prior next release. Thank you.

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